Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Google Presentation


  1. Gina,

    You make a good point about the iSchool idea maybe not being completely plausible right now. BUT, most colleges and universities and even some high schools are moving toward a variety of new courses such as online or technology enhanced. We as a new generation of teachers need to start really thinking about how we can move forward with these new initiatives. One great thing that I have learned from this course and working with Dr. Strange, Anthony and Jamie Lynn is that we need to embrace the new technology and do it with a positive attitude. I used to be the type of teacher who would say things like that won't work and now I say how can we make that work. It is a brave new world!

  2. Kia ora Gina, Thank you so much for giving your time to travel to New Zealand to bless my students by leaving them affirming comments on their podcast blog. You will never get to experience their delight when they read through the comments left by you and your peers, so I am calling by here to tell you. You made their day!!! Please don't limit this opportunity to encourage others to assignment work. Build it in as a new 21st century opportunity and reach out to kids across the world as well as in your own classroom on a regular basis.