Monday, July 12, 2010

Blog Post 11

Wow these little kids certainly do have BIG potential. I mean where can they go from here, but UP!! It is so amazing to hear and see the results of Ms. Cassidy’s technology journey which began only after being given 5 computers for her classroom. Also, one of the tidbits of information that I took from the Skype discussion and many of the other educational sites that I have visited is that a teacher can get grant money for just about any “worthy” project.

I certainly agree with Dr. Strange. The children of Ms. Cassidy’s classroom are being taught the basic academic subjects through the use of one medium, technology. These techniques certainly speak to the auditory, visual,and kinesthetic learners. Say goodbye to mundane teaching! I also like that their blog is used as a means for the parents to access their child’s portfolio. This allows parents to stay current on the progress their child has made and gives them immediate access to their child’s work.

I think that Ms. Cassidy has done a great job in protecting the identity and privacy of her students. As a future teacher, this has been my greatest concern. It seems like she strives to keep the lines of communication open with her parents and informs them of her intentions at the start of the year.

I would certainly like to incorporate many if not all of Ms. Cassidy’s technology techniques. I love the idea of the classroom blog. I believe that the children would attempt to do their best work because they feel like people from around the world would be visiting our blog. I would certainly teach them to create and edit classroom videos, work with Smartboards, establish a PLN, research areas of interest on the web, and Skype with other classes from around the world. I think that it is important to teach our students to use, value, and appreciate technology. As stated by Ms. Cassidy, if we don’t teach our students to use technology, we are certainly handicapping them.


  1. Gina you made some great points and included some fantastic comments. It is reassuring to know grants are out there, if you just take the time to find them and apply. I like how you included all learners in your post. Many people leave out the kinesthetic learners and I think all people can benefit from doing. Keep up the good work. On a side not I love your blog set-up. The background is so classy. Where did you get it from? Or maybe more honestly put, Where can I steal it from?

  2. I agree Alana. I think that I am definitely a kinesthetic learner. I learn better by doing and I feel like technology really incorporates all of the diverse learning styles. I loathe the classes where the teachers lecture the ENTIRE time in a monotone voice while we,the students, fight sleep. These children are doing things in first grade that I'm now learning in college...wait did I really just type that (smile). I'm so amazed. On to your side-note, if you're looking to add flare to your blog, check out The Cutest Blog on the Block (website). They have so many designs to choose from. Thanks again for your kind words!

  3. Thievery at work in EDM310! Wow! And at The Cutest Blog on the Blog. I hadn't been aware! Thanks.

    "Say goodbye to mundane teaching!" I couldn't agree more.

    Thoughtful, thorough. Well done. Thanks.