Monday, July 12, 2010

Comments 4 Kids # 4 - The Goodman Job

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Kelowna Secondary School's video project entitled The Goodman Job. I love the fact that this school has a Media Arts and Video Production Program for their students. These young people are being groomed to produce movies on such a high level that their work looks absolutely amazing. To view this video, click on the below video:

My response to The Goodman Job:

Hi! I'm Gina, a student from Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class. What a nice execution from beginning to end. I thought that your music choices were fantastic. I also think that the black & white conversion really set the tone of your movie. The Goodman Job was so well done that I felt like I was watching a professional movie. Also, the title of your video was a nice play on words. Thank you for sharing your techniques in making this video. Truly a job well done, can't wait to watch the sequel - keep up the great work!

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