Friday, July 16, 2010

Blog Post 13 - Comments 4 Classmates

(See below for my responses to classmates' blog posts)

Jessica Hassell's SmartBoard Revolution
Great presentation you guys! If I had to choose between listening to a teacher lecture about triangles or learning through the use of the Smartboard, I would choose the SMARTBOARD everytime. You all definitely nailed it when you showed the lack of student interest during the lecture segment, innovation is the way, kudos to you!

Samuel Gates' Cassidy Response
I was really impressed with the knowledge that Ms. Cassidy's students possessed concerning technology. They certainly seemed to enjoy the process as well as the outcome of their projects. I agree with your idea of posting homework assignments to your class blog. I think that this is a wonderful way to communicate with your students. A class blog would also be a great way to involve the parents of your students, allowing them to stay current on classroom events . Great suggestions!

Della Ervin's Cassidy Response
Della you are so right! These young students are amazing. Not only is Ms. Cassidy teaching them about technology, she's also teaching them to collaborate, explore the unknown, ,and respect individual ideas. She's teaching them how to be successful adults in first grade. Her passion for teaching is clearly visible. In this type of environment, learning has to take place. Enjoyed reading your post, best of luck to you!

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