Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Comments 4 Kids # 3

Cipart of 5 Children playing, picture reads C 4 Kids

I really enjoyed reading about strategies that McClung uses in his classroom to become a better educator. He solicits feedback from his students and then makes adjustments accordingly. To learn more about his techniques, click on the following link: Lessons Learned by Mr. McClung

My response to McClung's Lessons Learned:

Mr. McClung what a great idea! I’ve never had a teacher request feedback on their performance. I think that this assignment not only teaches students how to give constructive feedback, but it also allows you to make the necessary adjustments to become a better teacher. I’m sure that your students have taken a sense of ownership and community within the classroom because you have given them a voice. Average teacher...I think NOT. In my book, you get an A+!

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