Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Final Reflection

Porky Pig That's <br />All Folks
Wow, what an educational journey. Eight weeks ago I walked into EDM 310 with only one goal in mind; pass this class in order to enter pre-candidacy. However, I'm here today, having gained more than I could ever imagine. Not only did I learn a great deal about technology, I learned even more about myself. I have met a lot of wonderful people and have established a network of veteran teachers and future teachers in which to collaborate. I have become technologically literate by being taught one seemingly simple concept, exploration.

To Be Or Not To Be
On day one of EDM 310, Dr. Strange posed the question, should all teachers be technologically literate. My immediate response was of course not. After all, I have had some “good” teachers and they knew absolutely nothing about technology. Open mouth, insert foot; the keyword was good not great. After eight weeks of following teachers who were technologically literate, my entire mindset changed. Because of great teachers like Randy Paush, Karl Fisch, Ms. Cassidy, Vicki Davis and Dr. Strange one can easily see the benefits of incorporating technology into the classroom. Students are far more advanced, engaged, and equipped for success when technology becomes a component of instruction.

Okay, so what have I learned? I entered this class with very little computer experience. I knew the basics such as PowerPoint, Word, Email, and Facebook. However, I'm leaving this class being more equipped to lead a 21st century classroom. How often does one really leave a classroom smarter than when they entered? I have learned to create presentations, surveys, and forms using Google. I like Google because it gives you the ability to share your information with others with just the click of a button. I have learned about blogs and podcasts and their many classroom benefits. Students are taught reading, writing, and collaboration in a fun-filled way. I have learned to add links and pictures to my blog, embed movies from various sites, develop a personal learning network in which to share ideas, Skype with people worldwide, create movies using imovie and provide students with important dates in history using timetoast.

Advice For Future Students
To future EDM 310 students, procrastination is not an option, take advantage of the computer lab and plan to spend the required amount of time working on class projects. There is meaning behind every project. Find the meaning and add substance to your work. This is definitely NOT a bird course. Also, check the class blog daily and watch the tutorials. If possible, purchase a Mac, your life will be so much easier. Avoid getting behind; it’s almost impossible to catch up. If you’re unsure of something, Google it and don’t stop until you’ve found what you’re looking for. In this class there really is no excuse for ignorance, don’t allow intimidation to get the best of you. There is an answer for everything. Finally, surround yourself with people smarter than you and become a powerhouse!

Special Thanks
To Anthony Capps and Dr. Strange, you have made such an impact on my life. I value your tenacity and passion for teaching. You have given me a model in which to go by and have certainly set the bar for my future instructors. I have never gotten so much out of one class, amazing. Thank you for your patience and always being accessible. I could not have made it without your assistance and/or words of advice. Because of you all, I have embarked upon a more meaningful educational journey in which my future students will reap the benefits. This is definitely not good-bye, but look out as I continue to learn about the vast world of technology! One day in the distant future, I hope to be on the Comments 4 Kids list. See you later and God bless!


  1. A bird course? That's a new one for me.

    It was a delight having you join us on our educational journey, Gina. Thank you for your kind words. We have watch you grow, shared your enthusiasm, enjoyed your smiles and laughter. And we look forward to working with you in the future. You have mapped out our next great adventure with the training of Ms. Case. We are looking forward to working with you even more in EDM310.

  2. Thank you Dr. Strange it was my pleasure. I can't wait to see your Fall session productions. I will be following you all closely and keeping in touch through the alumni blog etc.