Thursday, July 22, 2010

Final Project - Blogging & Glogster!

Collaborating with Ms. Case to setup a blog for The Learning Studio was an amazing experience. Click on the above video to see how Ms. Case responds to technology. Where was she when I was in school (smile)? Special thanks to my friend Sandra, for putting me in contact with Ms. Case and Anthony for acting as the Camera Man. To access Ms. Case's blog, click on the following link: The Learning Studio

Glogster - A Few of Our Favorite Things!

Screenshot edm 3 10 glogster created with hillery, gina, and rachel

Hillery, Rachel, and I also opted to complete a Glogster as part of our final project. To view our entire Glogster, click on the above picture. You may also access our Glogster by clicking on the following link: EDM 310 Favorites

Gina's Final EDM 310 Thoughts

Please press the play button to hear my final thoughts. (Move the cursor around and her eyes will follow...hilarious)

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