Monday, July 12, 2010

Wordle 101 - Teach Someone Project

Screenshot of Wordle tutorial title screen Wordle 101 by Gina Pace

Click on the above picture to view my tutorial on Wordle.


  1. Hey Gina, I just had to watch this one, too. Even though it was not part of my assignment, it just looked so cute. So I really liked your video, but I have a few questions. What is a "tilda" I think that's what you called it? And where is it located on a PC? Lastly, where is your wordle on your blog? Only because I was curious to see what yours looks like. You did a great job on your video. You should be proud!

  2. Wow Alana you've certainly been busy tonight. Thanks for stopping by. A tilde (pronounced like Hilda) is the symbol/squiggle immediately to the left of the number 1 on your keyboard. I will clarify this on the video tomorrow. Also my Wordle is located at the very bottom of my blog. Feel free to check it out. I have definitely enjoyed all that I've learned in this class. There are so many things that I'm now able to do that I never would have attempted before this class. Good luck to you!

  3. This is an awesome tutorial Gina! Your description and teaching is so methodical, it makes it easy for anyone to follow along. It does look better with a lot of words. I didn't know about the "tilda" either. Like I said, this helped me and I've used wordle many times!

    Great job!